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Renee Weiss 
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern 70757
I am currently looking for an internship in a non-profit or not for profit organization 2-3 days a week.  Much of my experience is in the Autism community, and learning disabled individuals.  I am also currently seeing Adult, Adults transitioning from school to work and need support.  I also see couples and children.  I can facilitate group therapy especially for people on the Autism spectrum or their families. I can also facilitate groups for children with social anxiety and learning disabilities.

Educational Therapy Renee Weiss, MA, BCET
 Educational Therapist
 Credentialed Teacher
 MFT Intern
Renee Weiss Educational Therapy
Board-Certified Educational Therapist
Behavioral Therapist-MFCC Intern
Address: 6909 Minstrel Ave
West Hills, CA 91307
• Educational Therapy
• Study Skills Development • Attention Deficit Disorder • Reading and Writing Difficulties • Dyslexia • School and Test Anxiety • Evaluation and Testing • Special Education • Language Processing Problems • Tutoring • Learning Disabilities • Visual Processing Problems • Low Academic Self-Esteem • Asperger's Syndrome • Non-Verbal Learning Disorders • Autism Spectrum Disorders Certifications:• Board-Certified Educational Therapist (BCET)
Practice Info:Specialties include: Academic Assessment for educational remediation and placement
IEP and 504 advocacy to insure the student is placed in the proper program and has the accommodations that are necessary to make the child’s academic experience successful
Case Management
Specializing in work with ADHD, ADD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
I also test non-verbal autistic students who use  RPM
Private Practice includes working with students with Executive Functioning, Time Management, and Study Skills
Reading, Computer Skills, Phonics (including the use of the Wilson Phonics Program), Expository Writing,  and Visualizing and Verbalizing
In-service training for staff and parents
Training utilizing E-Readers and tablets with programs to remediate and learn
Home School training and support
More about my Autism expertise
I have worked with Autistic students for over 20 years. In fact my son has Asperger's syndrome and is currently a senior at the State University in CA. He has needed a great deal of help over the years.

The main problem that Autistic and Asperger's students face is anxiety. A defined schedule everyday that they know will occur is very important. An explanation that things might change from time to time is urgently necessary to warn about before hand so they are prepared. Executive functioning skills is another area in which an Aspergers or Autistic person needs help in. Teaching ASD students how to organize and understand how to get started on an assignment is extremely important. Teaching the student a organized binder system is also important. Otherwise these students tend to have papers everywhere. Teaching the main idea and important details and especially breaking down the steps of an assignment are critical. Some ASD students have ADHD or learning disabilities or other co-morbid conditions that interfere with learning. Finding out this information is essential to working with a student.

I am qualified to test students in the academic arena. I test using the Burns and Roe, WRAT4, Woodcock Johnson Reading Battery III, TOMA2 and the TOWL3. I have worked in regular education setitngs and in special education schools. I have been a Board Certified Educational Therapist for over 15 years. I am well qualified to work with students with Autism.

I have a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Lifetime Secondary English Credential. I have worked with Autistic students for many years. Having a child on the spectrum certainly helps having personal experience working with ASD individuals. Learning patience is the first step.
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